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PDC bits design, analysis and optimization considering bits working off is carried out by qualified specialists using modern software, which allows to generate control programs for  manufacturing of bits bodies on five-axis machining centers.

Production of the bit body is carried out on five-axis milling and turning&milling machining centers of the latest generation, produced by of one of the leading Japanese mechanical engineering company — Mazak. These machining centers allow to provide the highest performance and accuracy in manufacturing of complex blade designs.

Production of threads on the bit body is carried out in cooperation with Schoeller-Bleckmann Darron Russia and Perm Oil Machine Engineering Company in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008, API Spec Q1 and API Spec 7-1.


Hard alloy composite materials surfacing is carried out by technology and under control of Technogenia SA using diamond cutters produced by Element Six and Sandvik Hyperion, and superhard composite materials by Technogenia SA and Castolin Eutectic.

"Permneftemashremont" JSC cooperates with the leading western manufacturers of PDC cutters and superhard composite materials used for the reinforcement of bits and core bits. This ensures high durability of the bits and a significant increase in indicators such as average rate of penetration, penetration for chiselling and bit overhaul life.

Four blades bits

These bits are designed for drilling soft-medium formations of II-V categories of hardness.

  • Through the use of the maximum diameter of cutters and their aggressive placement the drilling is carried out with high rate of penetration,
  • Optimally designed space between the blades eliminates the possibility of stagnant zones and allows to deal with a large amount of cuttings,
  • The direction of jetting nozzles is chosen taking into account the optimal ratio to the volume of cuttings,
  • Despite the small number of blades in the construction managed to maintain controllability without loss of penetration rate, which is especially important when drilling directional wells.
Six blades bits

These bits are designed for drilling medium to hard interlayers formations of IV-VI category of hardness.


  • The optimized cutting corners and tighter PDC cutters overlapping provide higher penetration rate in medium and hard formations and higher bit resistance,
  • Equipping the bit by stabilization inserts provides smoother cutting regime, limiting the axial and radial vibration,
  • Drill bits with six blades offer superior controllability that provides high accuracy the borehole lining according to a predetermined trajectory.
"OTV" drill bit series equipped with additional nozzles

This series of drill bits specifically designed for drilling hard formations of IV-VII categories of hardness.

  • In the manufacture of these bits only cutters of maximum shock and abrasion resistance are used,
  • The bit body is equipped with additional flushing nozzles, which directly deliver the mud in the cutting area to maximize cooling of the cutters and protecting them from overheating and premature destruction during drilling of hard formations,
  • Active protection of the gauge part of the bit allows to drill significantly longer intervals of hard formation without diameter loss,
  • Set of design and technological solutions implemented in these bits, allow to provide maximum rate of penetration and controllability either in vertical and directional wells.

Accepted designations and ciphers appointment procedure for PDC core bits: 
маркировка долот                            шифры долот 

Range of the most popular bits: 
выдердка списка долот