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Even Rubber Thikness power sections is a revolution in development of the mud motors intended for oil and gas well drilling.

Even Rubber Thikness motor section - a new generation of downhole drilling motors power sections the stators of which have spiral (shaped) metal inner surface with a rubber lining of an equal cross-section (thickness). This power section design type has higher reliability, significantly improves power characteristics of the motor and increases rate of penetration from 30 to 150%. JSC "Permneftemashremont" was the first and only company in Russia, which has developed such motor sections and established serial production of mud motors, motor equipped with ERT sections.

Design features:

  • All-metal thick-walled insert with the internal metal teeth, which is firmly attached to the all-metal frame of the stator made of high-quality alloy steel,
  • Rubber lining of the insert's inner surface having a uniform thickness profile throughout the length of the insert,
  • The frame of the stator and the profiled insert are connected without welding.

Operational benefits:

  • Stator's tooth rigidity increase,
  • Excluding the effect of warping torque in power section to the engagement (rotor to stator fit) parameter,
  • Reduction and uniform distribution of deformation of rubber liner sizes as a result of impact of drilling mud and temperatures, reducing the influence of temperature and rubber swelling on the stability of the power section,
  • Vibration reduction which promotes:
    • more stable operation of MWD/LWD systems,
    • drill bit durability increase,
    • drill string threaded joints durability increase.
  • Increased reliability and longer overhaul period.

Comparing to conventional ERT power sections allow:

  • 30-100% motors energy characteristics increase and significant penetration rate increase,
  • Use shorter motors providing energy characteristics and penetration rate complying with standard motors,
  • While directional drilling it allows to increase the intensity and stability of curvature parameters growth and decrease breakdowns number related to the PDM body malfunctions,
  • Increase the quality of while drilling measurements due to proximity of measuring devices and the bit,
  • Using of high-torque PDC drill bits,
  • Operate mud motors in case of lowered drilling fluid flow rate under conditions of fluid loss or/and limited mud pumps performance,
  • Operate screw downhole motors with any core barrels with core recovery of at least 80%,
  • Operate the motor in environments with a high content of oil (up to 18%) and increased bottom-hole temperature (up to 160°C).

Economic advantages:

  • Reduction of drilling time and reduction of ground equipment working time due to increased mud motor power and possibility to drill with higher rate of penetration, 
  • Reducing the number of BHA lifting operations and the lifting and cost-cutting for both maintenance and repair costs as a result of PDM increased reliability and longer overhaul period.