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JSC "Permneftemashremont" offers a wide range of reliable high-performance mud motors designed for vertical, directional and horizontal oil and gas wells drilling, sidetracking and workover.

Mud motors manufactured by Permneftemashremont JSC have the following features:

  • Wide range (over 100 models) which allows to choose the motor of optimal dimentions ratio, performance characteristics, curvature indicators and other parameters,
  • Equipping motors by both conventional or  Even Rubber Thickness power sections,
  • Optimal length, high rigidity and controllability during drilling,
  • Failsafe design, envisaging equipping by cathing units both straight and adjustable benthousing motor types,
  • Availability of of bimetallic and tungsten carbide radial bearings increased durability,
  • The use of threaded torsions and driveshafts with oilfilled joints in gear connections,
  • The use of high quality materials for the manufacture of parts and components, the use of special technical processes aimed at further strengthening of workpieces (radial forging) and parts (chrome plating, ion nitriding),
  • Can be equipped by overflow and check valves, centralizers, filters,
  • The possibility of engineering and technological support when working at the well.

By cursomer's request mud motors may be produced in a hybrid version (240/195, 195/186, 195/172, 172/164, 127/120, 106/95), which provide the following advantages:

  • Possibility to operate the PDM at lower drilling fluid flow rate, which allows to drill using limited efficiency mud pumps and save the drilling fluid under fluid loss conditions,
  • More intense and stable curvature parameters achievement,
  • Improved load capacity and spindle section durability, longer PDM overhaul period.